5 Simple Ways to Control Acne

5 Simple Ways to Control Acne

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Acne can be a difficult condition to deal with, often compromising your confidence and self-esteem. There are many products on the market to help to deal with the problem, but there are also some quick and easy lifestyle changes that can make a huge amount of difference. Take a look at a few suggestions below:

1. Avoid Abrasive Skin Products

Although exfoliating and scrubbing is often recommended for problematic skin, this is a myth. In fact, using abrasive substances on your skin will just irritate it, and break down its natural defenses against the bacteria that cause acne.

2. Exercise

Exercise of all kinds is great for your skin, and of course for your health in general. Swimming is particularly good as it'll cool you down at the same time as keeping you active. Physical activity can also help to reduce stress, which has frequently been linked to acne and other skin problems.

3. Catch Some Sun

Spending time in the sun has lots of health benefits - topping up on Vitamin D will help to keep your bones, heart and immune system strong, and enjoying the weather will boost your mood as well. Sunlight can also kill bacteria, helping to keep your acne in check - but make sure that you don't overdo it. Too much sun can tighten and dry out your skin as well as clogging up your pores - so make sure that you limit your exposure to direct sunlight to about 20 minutes at a time, and use sunscreen!

4. But Keep Out of the Cold

Too much cold weather will damage your skin just as much as too much sun - if you do need to go out in the cold, make sure that you moisturize regularly!

5. Keep Clean

Towels, linens and washcloths are some of the most common places for bacteria to collect, and are all things that will regularly touch your skin. Try and wash them as often as possible to keep this to a minimum - adding a few drops of lime, lemon or tea tree oil or even vinegar to your washing can also help, as can using all-natural detergents.

The best way to manage your acne is to pursue a healthy lifestyle. It will not only help your skin, but also improve your general health and help you to feel happier and more energetic. You might have to wait a while for these strategies to take effect, but they will.

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