How Can a Chiropractor Help You Lose Weight?

How Can a Chiropractor Help You Lose Weight?

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Most Americans try to lose weight at one point or another. The extra weight can pack on after having a baby, taking a cruise, or after a stressful period at work. It may seem like the longer the weight stays on, the harder it is to get rid of it. Perhaps what you need is an appointment with a chiropractor in Dallas. There are several different techniques a chiropractor can use to help you on your weight-loss journey.

An Adjustment

One of the first things your chiropractor will want to do is provide an adjustment for your lower back. Every part of your body is connected to your spine. If your spine is out of alignment, then it's likely that your body is not functioning at its highest potential. Adjusting your lower back can help with digestion. There are nerves in your spine that affect how quickly food moves through your gastrointestinal tract. By ensuring the spine is in correct alignment, your chiropractor is putting your body in its best possible alignment for losing weight.

Whole-Body Treatment

According to ancient medicine, the body has several key areas that allow the flow of life energy through them. If these areas are blocked, it can be difficult for the body to function properly. Functioning properly includes losing weight when calories are cut and physical activity is increased. By massaging these areas, your chiropractor will allow blocked energy to flow freely. This release can put your body in a state of rest. A stressed body hangs on to water and weight while a relaxed body will release both.

Nutritional Needs

Not only is your chiropractor qualified to treat your spine, they are trained in proper nutrition and how food affects the body. It has long been known that the body is made up of dozens of nutrients, minerals, and water. When the right balance is achieved in nutrition, the body burns excess weight and flushes out its cells.

For example, a deficiency in magnesium can lead to brittle nails, hair loss, lack of energy, trouble sleeping, fuzzy thoughts, dry skin, and unexplained weight gain. These symptoms can be treated with medication; however, the underlying issue will remain. A chiropractor will recommend increasing your magnesium intake through nuts and leafy greens or taking a supplement. When your magnesium levels return to normal, your body will drop the extra weight and the other symptoms should also disappear.

Diet and Exercise

A chiropractor in Dallas will plan a customized eating plan as well as prescribe exercises that will target your specific needs. No two bodies are exactly alike. Even siblings will have different diet and exercise needs. Therefore, if you're going to succeed in your weight loss journey, you will need a diet that is tailored to your body. Have you ever tried an exercise plan that left you feeling like Goldilocks at the gym? €This exercise is too hard and this one is too easy.€ With a chiropractor's plans, you'll do exercises at your level and therefore be set up to succeed.

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