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Psychology     -  Hawaii,  Honolulu
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  • I was at the worse point of my life when I started seeing Kathy.I couldn't pinpoint the deep areas in my soul that were carving to be identified and resolved. Kathy did identify one issue to me - lacking spirituality, otherwise, after 1.5 years, she could not reveal any other issues, except her repeating telling me that I have the devil on my shoulder. Duh, this is why I was seeking help, my poor self-esteem and too many sad life events.The last appointment, she told me "I have ta...
    19 February 2016, 01:04
  • I've spent more money paying my attorney to help me address issues of Dr. Bourg than addressing issues about my ex. She doesn't reply to emails at all (for instance 6 nonresponses in a 2 month period. She didn't even acknowledge receiving the emails) or doesn't fully address issues for almost 6 months. When Dr. Bourg makes recommendations as a parent coordinator, she doesn't make sure that there's follow through even though I email her of the repeated noncompliance on my ex's part. She makes ass...
    27 June 2015, 06:53
  • I found him to be a good listener who seemed to understand well. He was polite and professional and took whatever time was needed with me. He returned my messages quickly and provided excellent referrals for my son. Overall I was very pleased!
    29 May 2015, 02:55