10 tips on how to better organize your time

10 tips on how to better organize your time

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1. Understand that without the organization of your time you can not do. And until you understand that it is a necessity for you - nothing will come out.

2. Check How long your working day: 8:00, 12 and 4.

3. Draw up list of things you need to do every day, that is, routine.

4. Buy a nice day planner.

5. Learn to divide work on the urgent, necessary, and that which can do another.

6. Do not be afraid to delegate their responsibilities. After being you divide its work on urgency, surely you will find the tasks that easier to be passed on to others, rather than spend your time.

7. Write in a diary all affairs, distributing them by time. As soon as you finish One business immediately cross off it.

8. Praises itself when you performed planned for a day or more. Praise to itself brings joy in life and a sense of accomplishment, but also it's just nice. Any positive phrase increases the tone and performance.

9. In order not to relax, set itself the duration of the working day, and if you managed to do everything faster than usual, then move on to the implementation scheduled for tomorrow, and hence get more done.

10. Never deviated from planned. Perhaps this rule, which not only helps to organize the working time, but also a life. No matter what happens, always stay true to their tasks for the day.

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