Features of development of inguinal hernia in women

Features of development of inguinal hernia in women

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Inguinal hernia - one of the most common diseases faced by the general surgeons.

Exists disadvantaged and obstructed hernia. Second deliver only a little discomfort, but in the first case requires an urgent operation because the consequences can be very serious. The consequence could be not only a strong and sharp pain, but a gradual dying off of the cells and the development of necrotic process due to lack of blood supply. Therefore it is necessary to know and try to avoid  the reasons, provoking inguinal hernia.

The most common Causes of development an inguinal hernia

-          Congenital features of a structure. In some women an inguinal hernia develop since birth into force of anatomical features

 -          Obesity. Excess body fat exerts excess pressure on the the groin area muscles, as a result they may disperse and form the hernial ring

 -          Standing work may increase the risk of hernia

 -          Pregnancy, especially multifetal, creates the increased load on the groin muscles

 -          The physical hard work, especially related to the heavy lifting - one of the major risk factors

 -          Frequent and prolonged constipations may increase the voltage on the groin muscles

 -          Gradual muscle atrophy, characteristic for the elderly, creates favorable conditions for the development of an inguinal hernia

 Signs and symptoms an inguinal hernia in women

 To notice the first symptoms an inguinal hernia in women is easy. In the first place in the groin, often over the pubis or near there is a small round soft neoplasm. It does not cause much of unpleasant sensations and not painful on palpation.

 Over time, this formation increases. Then may appear discomfort when walking. There is a feeling of fullness or heaviness in the lower abdomen. If the hernia crushes on the bladder can appear frequent urination.

 If for some reason the hernia was infringed, there is a sharp pain, tachycardia, nausea, vomiting, fever. In this case, you must contact your doctor immediately.

 Treatment and surgery to remove a hernia

 One of the most effective ways to treat an inguinal hernia is considered surgery. The need for surgery is determined by the conditions of the disease - how it brings discomfort or if it blocks the normal blood circulation. Direct inguinal hernia is not large size and in the removal is usually not needed. Surgery requires at all kinds of oblique an inguinal hernia.

 Prevention of hernia

 To reduce the probability of occurrence of this disease, it is necessary to adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Avoid heavy lifting and strenuous exercise.
  • During pregnancy wear a special bandage, redistributing the load and reduces the pressure on muscles grooving.
  •  To control your weight and at the increase it, reduce it to an acceptable level.
  •  Maintain at least a minimum level of physical activity.
  • Avoid constipation, if they appear, adjust the nutrition.

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