Causes of venous diseases

Causes of venous diseases

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Phlebology - this area of ​​medicine dealing with the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of diseases of the venous system. Foremost among this group of diseases it takes varicose veins (varicose veins).

Of great importance are inherent characteristics of the venous system in which these factors can lead to venous insufficiency, i.e. a state in which the flow of blood through the veins is not provided properly. Most often suffer from leg veins.

Causes of venous diseases

Development of venous system diseases promote living and working conditions in the city. Among the factors that increase the risk of disease:

  •      decrease in daily physical activity;
  •      work which for a long time have to stand or sit in one place;
  •      food in which there is a shortage of fresh vegetables and fruits;
  •      use of hormonal drugs.

When it is necessary to consult a doctor-phlebologist?

To the doctor-phlebologist seek treatment if necessary vessels, as indicated by the existence of the following symptoms:

  •      a feeling of heaviness in the legs;
  •      Straining pain in the legs;
  •      swelling of the feet;
  •      cramps in the calf muscles, especially at night;
  •      vascular grid on his feet;
  •      varicose veins;
  •      trophic disorders (darkening of the skin, subcutaneous tissue seal).

So, what kind of disease cures doctor phlebologist?

Consultation phlebologist necessary in case of the following diseases:

  •      varicose veins (varicose veins);
  •      Atherosclerosis of the arteries of the lower extremities;
  •      spider veins;
  •      thrombosis (blood clots - blood clots in the vein lumen, impeding the flow of blood);
  •      thrombosis (thrombosis, accompanied by inflammation of the vein wall);
  •      trophic ulcers.

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