Diseases of Genital Organs in Children

Diseases of Genital Organs in Children

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Diseases of the genital organs in boys - a fairly common problem, however, because of its intimate nature often are overlooked. Sometimes pathology or its consequences are identified only at an older age. But given that many diseases of the genital organs affect their reproductive function, struggle against them should begin as soon as possible.

The most common pathologies of early age

Diseases of genital organs occur in children of all ages. Most often, parents bring the boy to the doctor with problems such as inflammation of the foreskin of the penis and its narrowing or adnation.


The inflammatory process that affects the tissue of the foreskin and head of the penis, called balanoposthitis. This disease develops as a result exposure to the foreskin of a pathogen. Most often it occurs in boys under the age of five years.

Predispose to its development:

• narrowing of the foreskin;
• concomitant diseases, especially - diabetes;
• urological diseases;
• tendency to allergies;
• supercooling;
• failure to comply with basic hygiene requirements.

Inflammation manifests itself by the following symptoms:

1. Redness of the foreskin, its swelling, softening.

2. Restless behavior of the child. Older children complain of itching, pain, burning, which intensified when urinating and after. The children of younger age are showing concern, constantly touching a panties, crying while urinating.

3. The emergence secretions from penis. Parents may notice unusual (often - yellowish or whitish) spots on the panties boy.

4. Perhaps a slight increase in body temperature and general malaise.

Not detected in time an inflammation continues to develop, which can lead to the formation of erosions (surface defects) of the glans penis or the transition of acute process to the chronic form at which symptomatology becomes a smoother, but the risk of complications is maintained.

For this disease characterized by such complications as the spread of infections to the internal genital and urinary organs, as well as the formation of adhesions between the foreskin and head of the penis. Therefore, timely diagnosis and treatment are essential to preserve the health of the child.

To be diagnosed the doctor interrogates child or receives information from the words of a parent. Then he does the inspection, paying attention to the condition of the tissues of the head of the penis. Of the additional diagnostic methods are used:

  • Complete blood count;
  • General urine analysis;
  • Examination of smears and washouts from the head of the penis;
  • Bacteriological sowings smears content prepuce with definition of sensitivity to antibiotics.

After the results of additional diagnostic will confirm the clinical diagnosis, and is prescribed the treatment. In order to it has brought more visible and quick results, when the prescribing medication  are taken into account features of the body of the child, his age, the nature of the disease.

Basic Principles of Treatment

  • The Basis of Therapeutics constitute antimicrobials local or systemic application. They shall be appointed only taking into account the reaction of the microflora on the different groups of antibiotics. Failure to observe this principle can lead to the formation of a sustainable flora and futile treatment.
  • Regularly is carried out toilet genitals, the head is washed with antiseptic solutions.
  • When expressed pain syndrome and inflammation are appointed anti-inflammatory drugs.
  • In severe cases, surgical treatment is used.


For the prevention of inflammation, should regularly conduct toilet sex organs, without abusing hygiene agents containing a large number of chemical components.

Particular attention is paid to the proper selection of underwear: it must be made of natural fabrics, and correspond to the size of the child.

Adnation and Narrowing of the Foreskin

The narrowing of the foreskin - phimosis - is a normal phenomenon for boys of the first and second years of life. In the future, the foreskin should expand and not to create obstacles to outcrop of the glans.

In some cases, a narrow foreskin is  the anatomical feature. Perhaps its narrowing after an inflammation of tissues of the head. Also during inflammation can develop adhesions (synechiae) between the foreskin and the head, that is, their adnation. It will also create obstacles to outcrop the head.

Danger of phimosis and foreskin adhesions is that is violated the process of purification of head, is created optimal conditions for reproduction in prepuce infections. Becomes difficult urination, which may lead to pathological changes of the bladder.

In addition, after the exposure of head may occur it pinching by narrow foreskin, leading to disruption of the blood supply. This condition is called paraphimosis, and requires emergency surgery.

Pathology of adolescence

The most common pathology of  sex organs, which occurs in boys - teenagers - a varicose testicular veins and spermatic cord (varicocele).

In most cases, dilate the veins of the left testicle, due to the anatomy of the blood vessels of the pelvis.

In the early stages, the disease does not manifest itself, and detect changes under force only to specialist. Then there are symptoms such as:

1. Unpleasant (pulling) pains in the groin and testicles during physical activity and sexual arousal.

2. The emergence of extended and convoluted veins under the skin of testicles which disappear in the position of "lying".

3. In the future, the pain does not stop, and the testicle becomes flabby and reduced in size.

At an early stage is possible conservative treatment of pathology, at occurrence of painful sensations is conducted operative treatment in the hospital. Timely treatment reduces the likelihood of adverse consequences and disorders of the reproductive organ function.

Such violations, as the narrowing  and adnation of the foreskin and varicose veins of the testicle is often to notice by virtue only an experienced doctor. Therefore, regular visits to the urologist, andrologist - an obligatory condition for the health of boys.

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