Headache during Pregnancy

Headache during Pregnancy

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Many women from the first days of pregnancy start to worry headaches. Actually, it are often one of the early signs of pregnancy. But they may also appear in the second or third trimester. Although are seen mostly at the beginning and at the end of pregnancy. "How to cure a headache during pregnancy?" - This question excites the future moms in search of a sparing medication that will not harm the developing fetus and growing in the womb.

Sometimes it is impossible to determine exactly why pregnant headache. Yet there are factors that can trigger headaches in this period. Causes of headaches during pregnancy:

  • Hormonal changes. In the female body is a set of complex processes. Adapting to changes, the body may respond to them, including, and the occurrence of headache.
  • Lowering blood pressure. Under the influence of the hormone progesterone the body's cells and vessel walls are relaxed. Blood pressure is lowers and a shortage of oxygen, giving rise to unpleasant symptoms.
  • High blood pressure - is more common in the third trimester in the late toxicosis. It is often combined with edemas and the appearance of protein in the urine, and indicates the development of serious pathology of pregnancy. Under these conditions suffers health the future mother and her child. Therefore it is necessary to see a doctor immediately.
  • Large weight gain during pregnancy. Excess weight is often the cause of high blood pressure that causes migraine attacks.
  • Headaches resulting from the lack of nutrients, glucose lowering. Do not skip meals.
  • Exacerbation of chronic diseases. So, aggravation of cervical degenerative disc disease during pregnancy is often the cause of headaches.
  • The emergence of new diseases. Allergic reactions, Organism dehydration, Sinusitis, meningitis, kidney and eye disease often accompanied by headaches.
  • Continuous operation, especially at the computer, overwork, stress, neurosis.
  • Changes in weather or climate zone can cause a headache.

The list of products that can cause headaches:

  • Smoked fish;
  • Nuts, beans;
  • Chocolate;
  • Pickled dishes;
  • Bananas, avocados, citrus;
  • Products containing thiamine and phenylamine.

How to relieve Headache

Headaches do not affect the development of the child, but depression and depressed mood, which arose on their background, can cause serious harm to the health of the future mother and baby. Therefore, take care that, in time to stop symptoms and prevent a severe attack.

Treatment of headache during pregnancy

Medications in the event of headaches during pregnancy are appointed extremely rare - only in very severe cases and only your doctor. In other cases, is necessary use the non-pharmacological treatment of headache during pregnancy. A better - to resort to preventive measures.

Be sure to consult your doctor in the following cases:

  • headache became almost constant, and recently changed its character;
  • headache even in the morning, immediately after sleep;
  • pain continuously localized in a particular area of the head;
  • headache accompanied by other symptoms of nervous system: impaired vision, hearing, speech, motor function, sensitivity, etc .;
  • Pain accompanies high or low blood pressure.

Alternative Medicine

1. Homeopathic remedies are widely used in the treatment of pregnant women. But prescribe such drugs should only homeopath after a detailed conversation with the pregnant woman. Self-medication, even natural homeopathic pills can lead to disastrous consequences and cause problems in child development.

2. Acupuncture - a well-known and effective way in relieving headaches. Carefully choose a specialist. Acupuncture during pregnancy capable to bring not only benefit, but harm, so trust your health and the life of the baby in the hands of a trusted professional.

3. Aromatherapy - method, impact on our sense of smell. Remember that pregnant women should use the lowest dose of essential oils to not provoke allergic reactions. At the headache is recommended massage of the temporal lobe with a small amount of lavender oil.

Prevention of headache during pregnancy

Headaches are easier to prevent than get rid of it. Pregnant women should to make adjustments in the day regimen, to prevent the occurrence of migraines.

  • Get plenty of rest, enough sleep;
  • Watch for balanced nutrition;
  • Adjust the amount of liquid per day. Puffiness provokes headaches;
  • Every day for a few hours walk in the fresh air;
  • Do physical exercises (for pregnant women recommended water aerobics, yoga, Pilates);
  • Learn to relax and be distracted from the problems of life and troubles.

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