Treatment of the cervix cysts

Treatment of the cervix cysts

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What is the cervix cyst?

 The cervix cyst - frequently occurring neoplasm occurring on the cervix due to effects of infection or inflammatory of hormonal imbalance in the body.

Her presence in the female body does not manifest itself in the form of any symptoms and can only be detected by a pelvic examination. Cyst is has the form of dense formation white or white-yellow color, rounded shape size of a few millimeters.

 Oncology Cervical is a major cause of maternal mortality worldwide.

 Typology of neoplasms

 The cysts cervix are divided into single and multiple. Multiple cysts got in gynecology name "Nabothian cyst."  They are formed as a result of self-healing of the ectopia cervix, ie they can be called the end result of ectopia, when the excretory ducts of glands the cervix are corked and inside of a thin capsule occurs an accumulation of  thick mucous secretion.

 If outgrowth has a bluish tinge, possesses bleeding areas and to increases before menstrual bleeding, then gynecologist diagnoses the endometrioid form. It arises after movements tissue endometrial on the injured surface. Inside of form there is a hemorrhagic content.

 Treatment of the cervix cyst

 Nabothian and endometrioid burled do not represent a serious danger to the health of the patient. Some doctors are called cysts are normal, which does not lead to complications and does not require treatment.

Other experts consider it harmful because of the possibility of development a purulent infiltrate and insist on surgery.

Treatment usually consists of the following: puncturing allows you to remove pyoinflammatory content, then is determined the sensitivity of the pathogen to antibiotics and doctors prescribe appropriate treatment.

But the most common method of treatment is laser therapy and cauterization by liquid nitrogen (cryotherapy). Cryotherapy is painless and gentle method, who leaves no scarring on body.

Laser therapy - this is somewhat painful procedure, but it allows to remove the tissue with simultaneous cauterization of blood vessels and stop bleeding. This method does not entail complications and is especially recommended for nulliparous women.

Treatment of the cervix cyst on an outpatient basis, immediately after it the patient can return home. Within 1-2 days, a woman may feel a little aching pain in the abdomen. After 10 days of the procedure recommended an application healing candles. A month later, the patient should to come on check inspection to the gynecologist.

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