Myths About Family Life: Dispel Stereotypes

Myths About Family Life: Dispel Stereotypes

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Family life - it is a difficult science. And quite often young people who are on the threshold of a new unit of society, have no idea about how to build and preserve the family.

And then come to the aid the parents, relatives, friends and girlfriend. And each with their advice and knowledge of family life. After hearing such advice, the couple unwittingly begin to wonder: "And do I need such a family life?"

It comes from the fact that about family relationship, there are many myths about which need to know before marriage and to have time to get rid of them.

Losing of Romance

A married couple is sure: in marriage the relationships lose their poignancy, romance quickly evaporate and life becomes a boring routine. This myth was invented by those, who believe that marriage - is the tip of the iceberg. The newly minted husband and wife naively believe that now that the marriage took place, there are no efforts development of relations, make greater is not necessary.

This situation can lead to disastrous results: gradually the couple be disappointed in marriage and each other, and the myth becomes reality. To this did not happen to you, do findings and do not release the development of family relations on the course. Cultivate your relationships, bring in them novelty, gladden your partner.

Restriction of Freedom

A lot of men and some women do not want to marry, because in their minds sits stereotype that with the advent of the wife / husband their personal freedom is limited.

This situation is nothing but a myth. Of course, can be seen the family, in which operates a total control. But in couples, where the two love and respect each other, this situation is unacceptable.

One should not confuse an encroachment on personal freedom with responsibilities that you get by entering into marriage. Mutual understanding and respect, the decision of domestic issues, parenting - if such family obligations you not under force, it is better to postpone the formalization of relations.

Strict Allocation of Responsibilities

Another one myth of family life: in the family should be a clear allocation of responsibilities. Many interpret this by incorrect way: the wife should cook and clean, and the husband - to work and earn.

Family life pattern matching will not bring happiness to anyone. The distribution of responsibilities in the family - an individual matter, and variations of the roles may be quite diverse. Therefore, in the distribution of roles in the family, consider the uniqueness of your family and its second half.

Children Uberegut from Divorce

The fact that occurrence of the child will help smooth out all the conflicts and strengthen family relationships - probably the most common myth. This opinion mainly women and some men.

But, alas, in practice, everything is exactly the opposite. Childbirth - a challenge for families. Liability increases, is changed lifestyle of the family, and the issues, that were before the advent of a new family member, can only worsen.

Also, women believe that with the advent of the baby, a character the spouse will be changed - he will be more caring and helpful. But this is also a fiction. Concerned about the welfare of your family, remember that a child - it's not the salvation, which is possible to remove cracks in the relationship, a child - full member of the family.

Of course, Myths of family life, there is much more. Your task - to learn how to recognize them and not let them to spoil your life.

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