How to Cure Clavuses On the Feet?

How to Cure Clavuses On the Feet?

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On the soles of the feet may appear seals of chapped skin - corns or dry calluses. Such formations cause pain when walking and can lead to more serious consequences. Initially, these calluses just unattractively, and then begin to cause severe pain with each new step.

Causes of corns on the feet

Corns on the feet occur for the following reasons:

  • uneven load on the legs;
  • incorrectly matched shoes;
  • shoes at too high heeled shoes, especially if a woman in the same time suffers from excessive weight;
  • frequent walking barefoot without shoes;
  • incorrectly matched socks;
  • leg injuries, provoking irregular gait;
  • circulatory disorder.


How to treat clavuses on the foot?

Before starting the treatment of corns on the foot, it is necessary to accurately determine the nature of their occurrence, otherwise they in the near future again become an urgent problem for your feet. Corns are even chronic, which is a clear evidence of the development of flatfoot. In this case you should immediately visit an experienced podiatrist, who will undertake urgent measures in order to avoid the development of disease.

Seek medical advice should be in the event of extremely strong pain corns on the foot. Such a symptom can not be ignored, or in old age, you will not be able set foot on that leg.

There are many methods of struggle against corns. All these methods  can be divided for medical and folk, which can be a real salvation from unpleasant calluses. Basic means on struggle against corns:

  • Creams
  • Special plasters
  • Chiropody
  • Laser, or liquid nitrogen
  • Surgical removal
  • Folk remedies


Preventive Measures

One should not forget that even after an effective treatment the problem may recur. Therefore it is recommended to adhere to the basic rules that reduce the risk of re-emergence of corns:

  • It should only wear quality footwear made of natural materials. Not allowed shoe is too tight and warm shoes;
  • Need to make weekly baths for the feet by using for its preparing useful components;
  • Wear only cotton socks;
  • As needed to use vitamins and mineral complexes;
  • Consume the necessary amount of liquid per day;
  • Regular hygiene, the use of mitigating creams and masks.


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