Saint Anthony Hospital
1000 North Lee Avenue, 73102

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Location: Oklahoma , Oklahoma City
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July 25th, 2017 2:04

St Anthony's ER staff is the ER from hell. There's nothing holy, virtuous or righteous about that place. If you value the sanctity of life, Do Not take your family or go to St Anthony's, will leave in a body bag. They will lie on your medical records that you came in with a head injury, to validate the CAT scan charges they caused you to have a concussion in their ER. They will force blood draw and unsterile Cath on you, which will cause you staph infections and urinary tract infection and the nerve to ask you to ...
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  • Went to the E.R., was the only person there(should of told me something), put in a room, given injections, that I broke out in a bad sweat from, look out at the desk to tell someone, no one there, was taken to x ray, told my spine looked good, even through a week later, a large herniated disc was on my MRI and X Rays. There really was not staff, the charge for the E.R. and Doctor was ridiculous for what they did(should say didn't do). I have told my family no matter what, never take me back to...
    20 July 2017, 07:58
  • Horrible hospital, do not take yourself or loved ones there. if your already there GET OUT!!!
    22 June 2017, 04:39