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Cumberland Memorial Hospital and Extended Care
1110 7th Avenue, 54829

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Location: Wisconsin , Cumberland
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June 10th, 2017 8:36

To Whom it may Concern, I am confused as to why I am being asked to pay Cumberland Memorial for charges that were incurred over five years ago. When I was taken into custody at this facility I was told my insurance would pay for the entire treatment. I stated at the time that I would not accept treatment at this facility if my insurance did not cover the entire treatment. I have multiple witnesses of this conversation. I have not received any invoices since then at my billing address. To elaborate on the subject...
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  • Avoid their emergency room unless you are dying and even then as you could just get parked in a room and ignored. I was left unattended in a room for over two and a half hours in agony and was insulted and treated like something you would scrape off the bottom of your shoe. No compassion, no care just a bunch of lazy jerks. They never asked me about my pain or how I was feeling. They parked me in a room without a pillow or blanket and no call button. After an hour and a half and yelling for five...
    30 May 2017, 11:39
  • My mother passed away at Baptist Desoto on Dec 26, 2015. Her name was Mabel E. Walker. When my mother was initially place in her room alone, she was being tube fed. She couldn't eat, she couldn't drink, and she couldn't throw up. Whenever she received an injection of medication for nausea (Phenergan), she was so incoherent that she didn't even know where she was. There was no way that she could press the nurse's button if she needed help. I was afraid to leave her. I asked one of her doctors if ...
    17 May 2017, 01:30