Saint Francis Hospital
701 Clayton Street, 19805

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Location: Delaware , Wilmington
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March 8th, 2018 22:00

Their North Wilmington office is terrible when it comes to good customer service! There is not a single competent person on their staff!!...
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  • This is a horrible hospital. I had a massive stroke and they turned me away at the ER as my mother was helping me move around throughout all this and then out the door the door. Ignoring her complaints. I have/had excellent insurance. I was incapable of coherency and falling down every time I tried to get back up. And the reports about that night on Nov 3, 2017 flat out lie. I came back unconscious 3 days later to the ER and shipped off via ambulance to Emory Hospital in Atlanta where they too...
    16 February 2018, 11:01
  • Because I had no insurance (before Obamacare) this hospital would not allow me to get a necessary test. Then, after I gave them the money they required and got the test, they billed me the same amount! When I told them I already paid, they said that they hadn't read the doctor's orders carefully enough to see that I needed two tests, not just one! I refused to pay, saying that if I'd been given the correct amount, I would've sought the tests elsewhere.They turned me over to collections, which di...
    10 February 2018, 07:13