Corona Regional Medical Center
800 South Main Street, 92882

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Location: California , Corona
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October 29th, 2017 4:51

I went to Corona Regional for breast cancer surgery. The post op nurse was fantastic! She really knew her stuff! The nurse I had while in my room was not as knowledgeable. She caused me pain because she did not know what to do about an iv infusing into my arm tissue instead of my vein, I had to tell her what it was & what to do about it. I believe she may have dislodged the needle because she kept pushing down on the end of the needle (which hurt) and flushing it (which also hurt badly)....
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  • Hospital practices medical sexism and only believes that heart disease affects women. This is well demonstrated by their patient testimonials on their website.
    28 October 2017, 06:33
  • Lovely hospital but unacceptable services. They raise taxes all the time whenever they need another doctor or additional services but do not do any of the services of all other hospitals. There are two general practitioners and one is totally booked with a lot of patients who are not even living in this county so since those people do not pay the taxes to keep the hospital going but are using the doctor this is why the local people who are paying the taxes cannot get a doctor. The doctor I go...
    26 October 2017, 06:45