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Location: New Jersey , Montclair
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August 4th, 2017 18:57
traveled 1 hour for his

I went to Mountainside Hospital on 5-11-17 to have a same day procedure. When I first walked into the hospital I thought wow this has changed but when I reached the same day surgery unit that went out the door. It was disgusting and dirty. My procedure was 10am they did not take me till 12:30pm. I was hooked up to an IV and I had to use the rest room so I called for a nurse and they took me to the rest room but it was covered with human feces on the toilet the floor the iv tube was dragging thru it they did not eve...
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  • Wish I would have gone to Fl Hosp instead. The dentist at ORMC was horrible. He removed all my teeth with out me knowing how it would deteriorate so fast. Now I can't even speak. He actually laughed in my face. The staff was good, but I will NEVER go back to ORMC.
    02 August 2017, 05:05
  • St Anthony's ER staff is the ER from hell. There's nothing holy, virtuous or righteous about that place. If you value the sanctity of life, Do Not take your family or go to St Anthony's, will leave in a body bag. They will lie on your medical records that you came in with a head injury, to validate the CAT scan charges they caused you to have a concussion in their ER. They will force blood draw and unsterile Cath on you, which will cause you staph infections and urinary tract infection and the ...
    25 July 2017, 02:04