Saint Rose Hospital
27200 Calaroga Avenue, 94545

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Location: California , Hayward
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April 23rd, 2019 18:39
Nazir Abid

i was admitted in ER,with swear heart problem...the attending nurses left for break while i was in critical family have to call other staff to work on me and was given emergency treatment and send me to surgical procedure....very disappointed why these nurses left me in the middle of care for lunch break..? the hospital building is so poorly maintained and have no heating system in the rooms,only very small amount of steam heat come out,which hardly can be felt...and it is about 100 years old system ...
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  • Wonderful hospital. every aspect , the facility was spotless, the staff was very helpful, it was easy to navigate around the hospital, parking was easy. The doctors and nurses were excellent at taking care of us and communicating. I can't say enough good things about our experience there for day surgery....
    12 April 2019, 02:39
  • Horrible experience with nurses in ER and on 4 North, I was yelled at for asking a question. Apparently these women are mad at the world. ER nurses are all volatile as well. The ER nurses ensure that subpar care is given. That is their goal, sadly management seems to endorse it. This hospitals mission is some people matter some people don’t....
    27 March 2019, 10:52