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  • Waited for 2 hours.Dont waste your time find another doctor. Deserves zero stars.
    01 March 2016, 06:37
  • She refuses to treat you when you are a Medical patient. Yes, she will see you and bill your insurance, but she will do nothing to cure you. She even went as far as lying about some pretty abnormal symptoms being completely normal. After consulting with other MDs, it was more evident how she misinformed me. She was also very arrogant and condescending. She cost me a lot of time, and she is responsible of obstructing me from receiving further treatment....
    17 February 2016, 02:36
  • My mom complained of pain in her right breast for months. Barth said it was nothing. She went for a second opinion. Turned out it was breast cancer. Thanks for nothing quack!!!!
    02 January 2016, 06:53