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Clinical Psychology     -  Arizona,  Tucson
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  • Also known as "AKA" Jane Drunk. She is the local town drunk who is notorious for taking a check siding with one individual and cashing in. I had evidence that she never finished her report. I had evidence that my ex-wife was filing false reports and manipulating other people. Never listened to anything I said even though I had photos of vandalism, neglect, and emotional abuse to my children by my ex-wife. Stay away from her....
    24 March 2016, 03:24
  • I was at the worse point of my life when I started seeing Kathy.I couldn't pinpoint the deep areas in my soul that were carving to be identified and resolved. Kathy did identify one issue to me - lacking spirituality, otherwise, after 1.5 years, she could not reveal any other issues, except her repeating telling me that I have the devil on my shoulder. Duh, this is why I was seeking help, my poor self-esteem and too many sad life events.The last appointment, she told me "I have ta...
    19 February 2016, 01:04
  • Bad. May as well have been asleep during the court-ordered sessions. For the love of God, Macomb County, stop the madness!!!
    30 November 2015, 08:45