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  • The physicians in this office are experienced, knowledgeable and professional. Their energy work and results in improved health is steady and focused. My experience in overcoming late-stage cancer in conjunction with the acupuncture and herbal teas is testimony to the efficacy of Traditional Chinese Medicine this clinic provides. One of the physicians is an excellent herbal physician and can also provide very helpful advice on food choices. The office management staff are professional, court...
    04 March 2016, 08:59
  • I highly recommend Dr. Silva. Her wisdom and vast knowledge of how the body handles, trauma, illness, and chronic conditions is beyond words. She spends a great deal of time listening to your history, and all the previous treatments you have sought. I have had neurological, and chronic pain issues for years due to an accident. I have been treated by every type of physician under the sun, including other acupuncturist. Dr. Silva has helped me when other doctors couldn't. She just knows how to get...
    27 January 2016, 10:30
  • Made an appointment for community acupuncture. The doctor took the time to speak to me about my major concerns and then i was treated with acupuncture in a room with other patients. The environment was relaxing and soothing. Honestly I left felling re-rewed. What I really like is that that office allows for a sliding scale, so i can still come in for regular treatments and i wont go over my budget. Highly recommended!...
    05 January 2015, 07:05