Life after liver transplant

Life after liver transplant

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Possible complications

After the liver transplant surgery comes a very important period, dangerous due to development of possible complications. Such complications include:

  • Reaction to the graft, the basis of which is the immunological conflict between the cells of the donor and recipient. To suppress this immune attack to patients undergoing liver transplantation are appointed by the immunosuppressive drugs;
  • Infection, which in some cases may be asymptomatic and to end the fatal. To prevent this complication in the postoperative period patients designate antimicrobial drugs;
  • Initial inaction organ - a rare complication that requires reoperation;
  • Vascular complications (stenosis, thrombosis of the hepatic artery or vein) in some cases require re-transplantation.

How many live after liver transplant

Issues of interest to the majority of patients who underwent surgery for a liver transplant. It should be noted that in the absence of complications or their timely suppression, in compliance with all recommendations of the doctor and the passage of regular medical examinations, the human lifespan with transplant, no different from the life expectancy of a healthy person.

Advice to Patients after liver transplant

Life after liver transplantation should be subordinated to the implementation of simple and uncomplicated recommendations:

  • The use of drugs prescribed by a physician (immunosuppressants to overcome the immunological conflict);
  • Regular monitoring to the hepatologist;
  • Periodic general analysis of blood and urine tests, monitoring the biological parameters of blood and a number of other laboratory and instrumental methods of investigation;
  • Restriction in the diet of fried, smoked, salted, pickled foods, coffee, strong tea;
  • Categorical refusal of alcohol;
  • Fractional, but frequent meals (5 - 6 times a day).

Compliance with all of the recommendations, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and dynamic monitoring of health are the main factors that influence not only on the percentage of postoperative survital, but also on the quality of life of a person who had undergone the surgery for liver transplant.

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