Negative emotions and illness

Negative emotions and illness

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Australian psychologists after a series of studies have identified the 5 senses that can have a negative impact on human health.  2000 volunteers there were for 5 years, as a result, scientists have compiled a list of feelings that lead to disease, and the destruction of the psyche.

1. Envy

People who constantly envious of friends and even casual passers, are at risk of cardiovascular disease. And this risk is increased by 2 times compared to people who envy is not inherent.

2. Jealousy

When a person is jealous, then in the body appears hormone imbalance, and he in turn violates the production of sexual hormones. Men are better not to be jealous, because this process can lead to a lack of testosterone and as result - impotence.

3. Feelings of guilt

When a person blames himself for what he is doing, the risk of cancer is increased two-fold. In addition, these people are more prone to infections.

4. A pity

Scientists claim that compassion is dangerous for the liver. People who see themselves as victims, amount of the hormone acetylcholine is greatly increased, there is a weakness, and then sharply decreases the level of blood sugar.

5. Greed

The most common problem for people who want get the benefit from everything - a disorder of the digestive system. These people often suffer from bulimia and anorexia.

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