Development of the baby up to a year, indicators of mental development

Development of the baby up to a year, indicators of mental development

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What should be the indicators of mental development of the child's first year of life

Visually - orienting reactions newborn

1 month of life - short-term fixes a look at the shiny object and watching him.
2 months - watching by eyes moving objects, toys.
3 months - fixes a look at immobile things, being in any positions.
4 months - the mother learns.
5 months - distinguishes friend from foe.

Hearing orientation reactions newborn

1 month - shudders at the sudden sound or signal flashers.
2 months - listens.
3 months - distinguishes the tone which to it is addressed.

Emotions newborn

1 month - the first smile.
2 months - smiling in response to a speech by an adult.
3 months - in response to the conversation shows the joy of a smile, lively movements, sounds.
4 month - laughs loudly.

General movement newborn

1 month - trying to keep his head, lying on his stomach.
2 months - a good holds his head upright 1-2 minutes.
3 months - well keeps his head, lying on his stomach. There is an focus of legs.
4 months - turns from his back to his stomach.
5 months - stands, is not bending the legs, with the support of the armpits, turns from a back on his stomach.
6 months - turns from stomach to back, crawls.
7 months - well creeps.
8 months - sits on their own, sits and is lowered,  on their own stands up at the reliance and walks holding on to the barrier.
9 months - walks with the support of both hands.
10 months - climbs onto a small surface and climbs down from it.
11 months - stands alone without support.
12 months - walks on their own.

Hand movements and actions with objects

3 months - accidental comes up against a toy that hangs above the breast.
4 months - captures the hanging toy.
5 months - clearly takes toy hanging above the breast.
6 months - freely  takes the toy from different positions.
7 months - knocks toy for a toy, shifts it from one hand to another.
8 months - for a long time engaged in toys.
9 months - performs different actions with objects.
10 months - opens, closes (box, dolls), puts one object to another.
11 months - adds cubes, removes and puts a rings pyramid.

The preparatory stages of the development active speech newborn

3 months - starts coo.
4 months - long coo.
5 months - continues for a long time coo.
6 months - utters some syllables, start of babble.
7 months - a lot babbles.
9 months - mimics a audible syllables.
10 months - imitates the different syllables of the adult.
11 months - utters the first words.
12 months - utters 8-10 words.

Understanding speech newborn

7 months - to a question "where" finds a familiar subject in  permanently located place.
8 months - at the request of of the adult performs simple actions.
9 months - knows own name. On the question "where" finds and pulls toys.
10 months - knows a assignment of parts body. Gives a familiar object, at the request of an adult.
11 months - performs elementary demands of an adult.
12 months - increases the margin of the words, fulfillment of the requirements of an adult.

Skills newborn in the processes

6 months - removes the food by lips from  the spoon when feeding.
7 months - drinks from a cup
8 months - eats and holds a crust of bread.
9 months - can drink from a cup, gently holding by hand.
10 months - is drinking from a cup.
11-12 months - itself takes and drinks from a cup.

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