How To Raise A Healthy Child

How To Raise A Healthy Child

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Raising a healthy child is just as important as bring a new life into this world. Unfortunately, there is no rulebook that can tell parents about child's health care. Most parents have to figure it out every step of the way.   Each child is different. Each child is special. Parents need to learn to avoid few common mistakes and learn to communicate with a child.


Ensuring that your child gets a healthy meal is not easy. In fact, this is the toughest daily activity. Here are some direct tips that will help you improve your child's health.

  • Add immunity boosters into your child's nutrition. E.g.: papaya, bell pepper, strawberry, pineapple, ginger, garlic, oranges, lemon, leafy vegetables, milk, almonds, eggs, mushrooms, pumpkin seeds, etc.   
  • Do not force healthy food on kids. It is important to offer interesting and delicious dishes with nutritious produce. If you want your children to on avoid junk food, it is crucial to offer delicious and healthy home-made alternatives.
  • Be a good role model for your children by living a healthy lifestyle.

These kinds of health habits will steer your children away from children hospitals. But, you must make this effort into their formative years and these habits will become habits of a lifetime. It is a great healthy foundation for life. 


There are several interesting and age-appropriate activities available for children of all ages. Yoga, athletics, dance, aerobics, karate, and gymnastics offer entertaining forms of exercise. Several sports are perfect for physically active kids too.  These types of activities are important for child's health.


Proper rest is an important part of a healthy growth of a child. Being a role model goes a long way in teaching good sleeping habits. So, set good example for your children.

Vaccination and medical support:

Take a single look at the vaccination schedule. It is a long term commitment to your baby's health. That's why; all paediatricians expect you to follow it rigorously. This basic preventive measure will improve your child's immunity and defend against life-threatening ailments. Visit a child health care center or a children's hospital you are comfortable with. Then, start the vaccination routine. 

Baby's health, in first few years of life, is vulnerable to several common diseases. For example; Gastroenteritis, Conjunctivitis, Bronchitis, Malaria, etc There is no vaccination to safeguard your baby's health from these illnesses. Thus, to raise a healthy child, you must monitor for any early signs of illnesses.  So, you can get an early diagnosis and the best child health care possible. Early diagnosis is a key to quick treatment to the common childhood diseases in India. However, a routine visit to a paediatrician at a nearby child care hospital will go a long way in keeping an eye on your kid's health. An ideal example will be a child hospital in Chennai.

So, prioritize your kid's health by creating a health-driven environment for your entire family.


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