10 questions to Neurologist

10 questions to Neurologist

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What impact on the nervous system of the baby has a process of childbirth?

During labor, the mother and the child are experiencing tremendous stress and physical exertion. If this process proceeds positively, no negative consequences it entails. If during delivery was a cord entanglement, prolonged rupture of membranes, precipitated labor, the baby experienced a lack of oxygen - it can be very detrimental to his health, until the organic lesions of the central nervous system.

What in the behavior of crumbs at discharge from a maternity hospital should be alerted mothers primarily?

The most basic - no sucking reflex. In addition, the baby can not open his eyes, scream, do not move the legs or handles. This is the most obvious warning signs that with a child that something is wrong and you need to immediately show the baby specialist.

What the neurological diseases are particularly common in infants lately?

Increase in the number of birth injury and hypoxia during labor. There are also health problems associated with those or other effects to the lower divisions of the CNS. This may be, for example, paresis (weakening of voluntary movements) feet or hands.

What are the characteristics of intracranial pressure infants?

When the pressure is raised, it often leads to disruption of the nervous system. Symptoms that indicate increased intracranial pressure may include: poor sleep, constant anxiety, cry, tearfulness, frequent vomiting, trembling handles, legs and chin, bulging of the fontanelle, as well as the rapid increase in head circumference in size.

What is hypertonus and muscle hypotonus in the newborn? Which of these deviations worse for the kid?

Muscle tone is inherent in any living organism, it does not allow the muscles to relax completely. Almost all children are born with a higher tonus, which is natural: Nine month old baby spent with tight pressed to the torso a chin arms and legs. After the birth a physiological tone lasts usually up to 3-3.5 months, and then gradually returns to normal. Children with elevated tone (hypertonicity) very restless, often crying, capricious, their arms and legs does not straighten.

For kids with hypertonus contrast, characteristicaly: rarely crying, a lot of sleep, often miss feeding little move unusually flexible limbs. It is important the timely neurological examination. In the most severe cases of hyper- and hypotonus of muscles leads to movement disorders, improper posture, gait, clubfoot, torticollis, frequent headaches, tick and stuttering. The best non-drug methods of treatment - a massage, physiotherapy and baths. All treatments and medicines prescribed by a doctor.

Are there universal rules of healthy sleep for babies?

For a child to sleep well, it is necessary, first of all, after each act of urination and defecation to wash the baby and do light stroking massage. Secondly, the crumb is to be well fed. If the power supply is not enough, enter supplementary feeding, differently, baby will be a restless. Third, do not forget to regularly organize him air baths and ventilate the room in the nursery. Walk not along the busy highway, and in the woods or in the park.

The development of all children should be held by the same scheme? Can there be some individual developmental delay?

Each age  is characterized certain physiological features. For 3 months the child should hold his head upright, touching hands a toys, 4 - turn from back to stomach, 5 - to take the toys from the hands of an adult, and hold them, 7 - good creep, 8 - sit  by yourself, 12 - to walk without support. Of course, two weeks earlier or later - not a cause for concern, but if in six months the baby does not turn over, and in 3 years does not talking it is a problem.

The child always walks on tiptoes. What is the reason?

While running or during emotional outburst at fast walking is allowed incomplete support during movement. But in repose child should walk on the whole foot. Even when the child is just beginning to move the legs and walks with support. Walking on tiptoes should alert parents need to try with the help of specialists (pediatrician, neurologist and orthopedist) to rectify the situation without having to wait until the child is older.

If in a child sometimes trembling chin, as well as involuntary twitching legs and arms - is the norm?

Twitching of (tremor) handles or chin while crying, to 3 months is not considered a pathology. If such "attacks" remain longer, it may indicate damage to the nervous system of the child - during pregnancy or in childbirth. The kid definitely need to show the physician.

Remember that the nervous system of the newborn is quite malleable and dynamic and with proper and timely treatment it can be restored completely and normalize, if are no more serious abnormalities.

What toys are preferred for the youngest children?

Toys should be appropriate to the age and features of the child, meet all safety requirements. "Smart" toys - the ones that require a combination of (a pyramid, blocks, cylinders, triangular prism, etc.) Too many toys should not be, it is tiring and scatters the attention of the child.

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