What to feed the child after vomiting: Diet for poisoning

What to feed the child after vomiting: Diet for poisoning

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Vomiting in Children

Vomiting - a kind of defense mechanism of the body from all kinds of toxic substances, the wrong foods, certain medications, stress.  Children vomiting can be caused by:

-          disruption of the digestive tract

-          diseases of the central nervous system

In the period of food poisoning baby recommend to simultaneously with the passage of necessary treatment comply proper nutrition, which will be directed to the maintenance and restoration of the organism.

Diet during the opening of vomiting

  1. If vomiting is accompanied by diarrhea and fever, there is a large loss of fluid in the body of the child. Therefore, the first task at vomiting and diarrhea - to provide the child water. To maintain the water balance of the child's body with diarrhea and vomiting, you can used: black and herbal tea (decoction of wild rose), mineral, compote of dried fruits, or simply some salt water. Give drink the child is necessary throughout the day.
  1. You can feed your baby only after the elimination of vomiting. To determine exactly what to feed the child with diarrhea in the first place, you should find out the root cause of diarrhea and vomiting. Diet at a poisoning should not include products that have a laxative effect, enhancing fermentation processes and flatulence: whole milk, meats, pastries, bread and other.
  1. A good remedy for diarrhea – kissel, because the basis for its preparation is starch, which  has astringent properties, necessary for diarrhea.
  1. Diet at a poisoning must be assigned depending on the cause of poisoning and the nature of its occurrence. If not have any appetite, you should offer a fractional and small portions of food.
  1. The diet at a poisoning should be agreed with your doctor. Eating infant during vomiting should consist only of maternal breast milk. If your baby is already on the artificial feeding, in this case,  the diet should constitute  buckwheat mix on the basis of milk diluted with water.
  1. Do not force your child to eat by force. Products for kids during vomiting, as well as after its completion should be easily digestible, filled with vitamins and drink - saturated.

Diet after the cessation of vomiting

To know exactly what is better to cook for children in the aftermath of vomiting, you need to determine what items are in short supply in the body of the baby. For example, for the normalization of the liver and metabolic processes, required a diet, rich in proteins.

 Fats, in turn, will increase the pressure on the liver after poisoning, so their should be avoided. So, what to feed the child after vomiting you'll understand, having  learned causes of vomiting.

 Diet after the poisoning,  with excessive consumption of carbohydrate will increase the burden on the stomach, due to fermentation processes. Vitamins will help normalize the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract and the liver itself.

 Thus, the baby after vomiting within one to three weeks should eat foods rich in proteins and vitamins, while the share of fats and carbohydrates should be kept to a minimum. For example, fresh low-fat kefir, yogurt, buckwheat, boiled chicken, lean fish are ideal products for him in the recovery period. Food must be cooked gentle way of heat treatment: the use of steam and just boil in water.

 You must be forgotten at this time the products with irritating effect on the gastrointestinal tract organs: a variety of sauces, seasonings, radishes, radish, cabbage, beans, canned, black bread, fizzy drinks.  It should eliminate foods that cause bloating: grapes, corn, peas, beans, cucumbers, oranges, beets. In dishes should be added the vegetable, sunflower or olive oil in small quantities. At the same time food should be warm. To eat during this period is too hot or cold foods are not recommended.

 If you have doubt about what to feed the child after vomiting, in this case, we recommend that you consult with a specialist. For help on issues baby food, you can always consult your pediatrician, who will recommend accurately than to feed the child with diarrhea and after the poisoning.

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