Diet Tips for High Cholesterol

Diet Tips for High Cholesterol

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It is possible to have high cholesterol even if you don't eat meat or dairy products. Our bodies produce it naturally, and there are hidden places that it lurks. The doctor can help with the natural cholesterol but we have to do the diet part.

Ingredients List: If you buy any packaged and/or processed foods you need to read the nutrition label and the ingredients list. In those two charts are the clues about whether or not the food is safe to eat.

The nutrition label will tell you how much cholesterol is in the product, but it really isn't the most important number. The amount of saturated fat is the most important. Some packaged foods are low in cholesterol but the fats will still clog the arteries.

The ingredients tell you where the fats come from. Phrases like "trans fat" and "hydrogenated vegetable oil" are signs that you don't want to eat that product.

Recipes: There are sites all over the internet that give recipes for any condition known to mankind. If you are new to cooking these will be very helpful in getting you started, but you should choose with care. If it looks like something you wouldn't like, don't make it. That's the fastest way to skip a heart healthy diet. I know this from experience.

Experiment: This has been by far the most successful at our house. I look at regular recipes, those we know we like, and tweak them. So it calls for butter. Instead, use olive oil or split it fifty fifty with olive oil. Same with bacon.

It is possible to change almost any recipe from bad for your heart to heart healthy, whether you are an experienced cook or not. It takes a little time, imagination and the occasional flop, but it's worth it.

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