Autohemotherapy - Features the treatment by blood

Autohemotherapy - Features the treatment by blood

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Autohemotherapy - a unique method of treatment of many complex diseases by administering to a patient his venous blood. Blood can be administered as intramuscularly and subcutaneously. This method has been used successfully in the complex therapy for the treatment of many diseases chronic and recurrent nature, in particular - dermatological.

The method is based on the main principle of homeopathy - "treat like with like", and at the application of such effects is possible not just to eliminate a particular disease, but also a variety of common disorders in the major systems of the body. Because the water  as a main component of blood is able to remember all the "data" of infections, and if after that re-enter the blood in the body, thanks to memory its cells are not only quickly find the source of the problem, but also destroy it.

Using of Autohemotherapy

The procedure has an overall positive effect on the entire body, it can help in following:

- Improve and speed up metabolism.
- Raise the level of immunity.
- Normalize the endocrine system.
- Increase the circulation of lymph and blood circulation.
- Flush toxins from the body.
- Eliminate chronic inflammatory diseases.
- Accelerate and facilitate the recovery after operations.
- Eliminate in soft tissue foci of purulent processes.
- Normalize mental activity and enhance physical.

The procedure differs absolute security and the absence of any complications and side effects, since the patient is injected his own blood, and the body's immune system is not protected from it, as it's own cells, and to them it is not hostile. Therefore any allergic or other side effects may occur only in rare cases, e.g. when processing of taken blood and adding to it other substances. Contraindications to autohemotherapy are not, but still, the possibility of its implementation, as well as the advisability this method, can to determine only a qualified physician.

Types Autohemotherapy

Types of autohemotherapy are many, and each of them has its own peculiarities. The main types of procedures include:

  • Classic autohemotherapy. The patient's own blood is injected immediately after blood collection from a vein without any processings. But if the blood was taken from the right hand, its intramuscular administration should be in the left buttock, if the left hand - in the right. During treatment, to a patient is administered from 2 ml of blood to 10 ml. for 10 days. But in each case, the treatment regimen will vary because each patient has its own peculiarities.
  • Stepped autohaemotherapy. In this case, the blood taken from a patient is diluted in several homeopathic formulations, which are then injected in a single procedure. Preparations homeopathy in each case are selected by the doctor individually, depending on indications and characteristics of the patient.
  • Autohemotherapy with ozonation. In this case, the blood is mixed with ozone. This method allows greatly enhance the effectiveness of the treatment and the therapeutic properties of injected blood.
  • Pharmacopuncture. Pure blood immediately after collection or the blood diluted with homeopathic formulations is injected in the muscles in acupunctural, reflexogenic or pain points. Application of the method allows to considerably reduce the time of treatment and enhance its efficiency.
  • Method of treating blood patch. Taken blood in this case is exposed to various influences, for example, is processed with X-rays, ultraviolet, laser, or freeze, that also allows to considerably amplify the effect.

Features procedures

Autohemotherapy - the procedure is almost painless, but in order to was it easer during the introduction of the blood you should to relax. During the course of treatment, in patients may appear a small swelling at the injection site, pain on palpation of this area, as well as rise in temperature. In these cases, the doctor usually changes the therapeutic schedule and reduces the dose of the blood.

Of course, the method is not primary to the treatment, but rather additional to the basic treatment. Patients who have already had autohaemotherapy, noted its high efficiency, as well as positive results in health.

Autohemotherapy in dermatology

In dermatology, this method used quite extensively, because the procedure has effective pronounced effect of desensitization and significant immunological reactivity of the body.

The method is used to treat many diseases, but in dermatology autohaemotherapy not prescribed to people with kidney disease, with disorders of the cardiovascular system, patients with active tuberculosis and elderly patients. But the procedure is performed even to children, for example, to eliminate allergic dermatitis, but in this case usually injected blood of parents and not the children themselves.

With autohemotherapy in dermatology treat many skin disorders, such as furunculosis, pustules, acne, neurodermatitis, various wounds and ulcers, non-healing for a long time, any stage of herpes, human papilloma virus, and many other diseases.

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