Food for astronauts - what they eat in orbit?

Food for astronauts - what they eat in orbit?

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Nutrition of the astronauts during space travel is very interest us. Really, what the astronauts will eat? What food is best for them is suitable, and what is the process of receiving food and water in Space?

During the first flight of any special manipulation in terms of food of astronauts were not required - the flights were not too long, so it was necessary only to provide people with an optimal amount of calories and vitamins. They were given a specially designed tube homogenized with food.

After a long stay in space, began developing of ideas for more efficient and high-quality nutrition, which took place more than a decade. It was immediately recognized that the food for astronauts must be the most nutritious and useful to have a peculiar consistency and long shelf life.

Optimal diet and comfortable transportation of Space Food

First, the developers engaged by a compilation of the full ration for the workers the space sphere. Experts have calculated that in the extreme conditions of space flight eating should be performed 4 times a day, and the interval between them should be not less than five hours. Also, products for daily nutrition necessarily must contain:

  • 300 grams carbohydrates;
  • 100 grams proteins;
  • 118 grams of fats;
  • The necessary amounts of vitamins and minerals.

Following the development of the menu was a question of the most efficient transportation of food. Thus appeared comfortable aluminum tubes, in which packed pureed meals and drinks. The weight of each tube was a standard 160-165 grams.

The modern approach to Space Food

Over time, was introduced another way to implementing food for astronauts while in space. Prepared products are frozen, and then abruptly subjected to drying at very high temperatures. Thus the ice immediately goes into the vapor state, without going into a liquid. Food becomes much lighter in weight without losing nutrients.

This food started to pack in plastic, and the dishes that remain in a state of semi-liquid or puree - in special aluminum cans. Although for many years there is an approved list of permitted products and special menu, a stay of astronauts on a long trip are trying to make as comfortable as possible.

How astronauts eat

A more difficult problem is the organization of human nutrition in the duration of the flight, when it is impossible to take all the way food and water from the earth. In these cases, found a way out - to create the necessary food to astronauts on the spaceship.

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