Dr. William A Zamboni, MD
Dr. William A Zamboni, MD
Male 51 years

Dr. William A Zamboni, MD

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  • very happy with results and very understanding. Was very patients with me and answered my questions.
    28 August 2014, 12:59
  • This "doctor" is rude and condescending! The pharmacist was far more knowledgeable and helpful than this ___.! If you want to be spoken to like your two, he's your man!
    13 May 2014, 03:13
  • Misdiagnosed a hernia, so treatment was ignored until so painful that ambulance called. Taken to hospital and emergency surgery done, but major infection set in. A correct diagnosis would have prevented this. Also, Dr. J discussed our case with another patient, so lack of confidentiality. Finally, she goes out of the room, calls other doctors for information and picks their brains, then comes back in and presents the information as if she knew it. I had this verified after talking to other ...
    05 January 2014, 08:16
  • Sub-par Provider. No office, educated at a diploma mill "medical school". Not a "real" doctor, just a hospitalist. Extremely arrogant considering his lack of formal education.
    12 November 2013, 03:42
  • Tammera really cares about our concerns and has gone above and beyond to figure out what the cause of our medical problems are instead of just giving us cover up drugs. Love love love this office. Only thing to warn you about is there can be a long wait time.
    31 October 2013, 05:43
  • They were extremely argumentative and became angry very easily. I was trying to explain my situation and they just contradicted everything I was saying before I could finish. They didn't give me any information about my X-Rays even after I asked. They didn't tell me anything about my treatment options. I left feeling very confused and frustrated. They didn't tell me very much about my treatments' risks and benefits. I still felt like I had to do my own research. It seemed like they were trying t...
    23 October 2013, 11:48
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