Dr. Victoria R Williams, MD

Female 43 years

Dr. Victoria R Williams, MD

Internal Medicine   -  Texas,  Houston
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  • Careful with Dr. Allen. If your religious views clash with hers she will find a way to quit treating you. She would rather let a patient die than help them if their religious views do not sync with hers. The whole thing is a scam, she offers you treatments that work, but for only so long until you feel bad then need them again, or she has everything you need herbal wise, priced to her advantage (she owns stock in those brands FYI) and recommends continued daily use for as Long as possible. Fi...
    17 July 2015, 05:46
  • I don't recommend this practice to anyone. The staff is extremely rude & condescending, especially assistants Danni & Robin!! They certainly could be sued for malpractice!
    20 June 2015, 05:25
  • Would not take my dog to this so called Doctor.
    26 May 2015, 03:12