Dr. Thomas G Shafer, MD


Dr. Thomas G Shafer, MD

Psychiatry     -  Alabama,  Birmingham
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  • Psychiatry

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  • Anal Warts
  • Anxiety
  • Cerebral Palsy Surgery

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  • I am so thankful to have found Dr. Johnson. After years of seeing other doctors who just threw medications at my problem, attempting to mask the symptoms, it was pleasantly surprising to find someone who actually cares enough to figure out the cause of the problem and work to find a solution. I feel better now than I have in years - mentally and physically....
    22 September 2015, 09:53
  • To free to place you on Meds. Unprofessional and cold
    31 July 2015, 06:29
  • This doctor is very , very unprofessional .... I went to her to get clearance for work and i told her I had a certain amount of time to do it... She was lying to me and trying to con me to tell me I need to see her a several times before I can get clearance .... When I told her I did not have that amount of time and she said she could fit me in between appointments , but would Have to CHARGE me double the money .... She also maded it clear at first it was not a money issue because I was paying i...
    01 July 2015, 06:06