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Dr. Thomas F Nolan, MD

Cardiology     -  Indiana,  Elkhart
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  • Cardiology

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  • Ever heard the remark, "I owe my life to him"? Slight exaggeration on any of our part but, I can state the response and add with God's help, Dr. Reiter has kept me going over 15 years. Sending other patients to him is just about impossible at this date, patients do not leave him. Med care under him and his staff is of the most importance. We are very grateful to him, proud to speak freely....
    09 July 2014, 09:37
  • Dr. Reddy is a very compassionate and intelligence cardiologist. He is unique.
    13 April 2014, 07:58
  • I was given wonderful treatment. The staff was very nice and the doctor was wonderful!
    16 January 2014, 06:47