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Acupuncture     -  Missouri,  West Plains
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  • Made an appointment for community acupuncture. The doctor took the time to speak to me about my major concerns and then i was treated with acupuncture in a room with other patients. The environment was relaxing and soothing. Honestly I left felling re-rewed. What I really like is that that office allows for a sliding scale, so i can still come in for regular treatments and i wont go over my budget. Highly recommended!...
    05 January 2015, 07:05
  • Awesome doctor!! She really takes the time to listen and she really cares about the patient. Highly recommended!
    05 January 2015, 07:00
  • I was recommended to go to Ortis acupuncture from a warm mineral springs customer, so i did but then he solicited his service cheaper for home visit... so i did to save a few dollars but got severly bruised. I asked him and he came back a few more times always asking for more money stating that my balance was wrong and a bunch of nonsense... at the end no results but pain and bruises. I couldn't complaint to anyone since I made the mistake to accept mobile treatment. Then somebody told me that h...
    12 December 2014, 04:36