Dr. Thomas A Gonda, MD


Dr. Thomas A Gonda, MD

Thoracic Surgery   -  California,  Oakland
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  • Thoracic Surgery

Years Since Graduation

  • 30

State License

  • California

Spoken Languages

  • Spanish

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 Education & Training

Medical School

Stanford University School Of Medicine

Stanford, CA, United States

Graduated: 1980

Residency Hospitals

Lenox Hill Hospital

New York, NY, USA

Year completed: 1985


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  • I had this same surgery 8 years ago at a well known big hospital in Houston, TX. Dr. Elkins and Baxter Regional Medical Center has them beat! Fantastic care. I had a thoracotomy - great pain management. Terrific care coordination with other doctors.
    28 July 2014, 02:15
  • Dr. Fallon performed a tracheostomy on my husband back in August. At the time, this doctor told me it would only be for "2 or 3 days". Against my heart and my gut, I signed the consent because I trusted the "professional". Now, almost 6 months later, my husband still has the trach and we can not have it removed. This doctor stole what was left of my husband's life and can not be trusted....
    23 February 2014, 01:27
  • Really wonderful dr. We went to him for a mass on lung and we were very scared and not knowing about it. Right away he was careful to tell us everything we wanted to know to be less scared.He took lots of time to go over things with us like no other doctor we know. Surgery went great. Cancer gone. Now we are watching.Dr. says he watches us for years.Really excellent man.We feel so blessed to go to him....
    31 August 2013, 04:57