Dr. Tamsin M Durand, MD
Dr. Tamsin M Durand, MD

Dr. Tamsin M Durand, MD

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General Surgery    in  South Carolina ,  Columbia
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Primary specialty General Surgery
State License: South Carolina

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1801 Sunset Drive
South Carolina (SC),

(803) 256-2657


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  • Very Professional, knowledgeable in her expertise and thorough . Extremely attentive to accuracy and detail. Takes time with patients , never feel rushed. Is informative and has been an extreme asset to my health care!
  • I'm still don't know and neither do any doctors know what kind of surgery he did. we all concur it was a complete failure, but very painful
  • The doctor seems confident and courteous . His nurse was very kind & professional, but his office staff was cold, distant and seemingly uncaring. I felt like I was in a "mill" being run through. First impressions are important in any business and believe you me there are plenty of hungry doctors out there that pick their staff more carefully! I don't like it that he is only at the office 2x a week. I might need help on one of the other five days. The office did appear clean & I...
  • Addressing comments #4 above. Ms. Maderson has a reputation that says she will do or say whatever the attorney who hires her asks her to do. Does her "report" reflect the best interests of the child. Quite unlikely. Before you claim that a poorly written paragraph with bad spelling makes you a child abuser, you need to review some of the reports Ms. Maderson has written. Do her badly written, one-sided reports make her a child abuser? Nnnnn...well, now that you mention it, being willin...
  • This doctor mis diagnosed my son. He prescriped him a toxic cocktail of " Benztropine and "Halodol" etc. Drugs used to treat Parkinsons. Not depression. My son had "never" been on any presciptions before this. And after a short two week care from this Doctor...My son is now " DEAD" at the age of 21. The precription combination and mis diagnoses drove him to end his own life. Stay away from this so called doctor is you want to live!!...
  • She is not a doctor. She never finished her PhD and is a disgrace to every real doctor who actually had the intelligence and fortitude to complete his/her dissertation. Anyone can sit through a bunch of classes but its that final product that shows you learned something. However, after spending even a little time with her you will discover she knows very little and cares less. If by some tragedy she ends up in your business, God bless you!...
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