Dr. Stanley H Schwartz, MD

Male 58 years

Dr. Stanley H Schwartz, MD

Pediatrics   -  California,  Banning
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  • Terrible personality, I do not like her. Very uncaring and forgetful.
    03 April 2015, 11:37
  • She is a know it all and makes a lot of errors at your child's expense. She does not take the time to really find out what the problem is, her solution is to send you off to someone else that is not the proper specialist to see. I would not recommend her. There are plenty of other doctors that are much better and truly care....
    03 April 2015, 11:35
  • She is absolutely the WORST doctor that I have come across with my children. She misdiagnosed my child and is not at all concerned with the outcome of this incompetence. She is outspoken and thinks she knows all. I would not recommend her to anyone !!
    03 April 2015, 11:32