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Clinical Psychology     -  Massachusetts,  New Bedford
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  • Bad. May as well have been asleep during the court-ordered sessions. For the love of God, Macomb County, stop the madness!!!
    30 November 2015, 08:45
  • Dr. Lafir has held my hand through my darkest moments, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
    16 June 2015, 08:04
  • Since he has not responded to four (4) telephone calls requesting assistance, I have a very difficult time recommending anyone as nonresponsive as this so-called professional. Like I said in my last phone message, I am not about to commit suicide. However, I have some serious and deep-rooted problems about my sexual orientation that began in my childhood.My next effort will be to arrive at your office unannounced....
    27 May 2015, 07:21