Sabrina L Steele


Sabrina L Steele

General Medicine (PA)   -  Utah,  Taylorsville
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  • General Medicine (PA)

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  • I wouldn't let Tracy Alshouse treat my dying dog..
    22 May 2015, 05:58
  • Excessive tests and lab work done. She really ran us a tab. Staff left VMs containing results, a huge No No. Never again.
    28 March 2015, 10:26
  • For the last several months getting an appointment has been impossible, we had a scheduled appointment made by Takoma Hospital for march 23, 2015 at 10:30 AM. My mother is on a walker and difficult to transport but we showed up for the appointment and they said You don't have an appointment today its tomorrow. Getting prescriptions renewed is impossible. She went without blood pressure meds for a month for this reason. She is 82 years old and not in the best health. We call and leave messages a...
    23 March 2015, 04:34