Richard T Sutherland, RPH
Richard T Sutherland, RPH

Specializes in Pharmacy, Male

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State License: New York
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4638 Merrick Road, New York, NY Massapequa, 11758

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  • A very competent and thorough clinician providing medication therapy management.
    09 January 2014, 06:34
  • A very competent and thorough clinician providing medication therapy management.
    09 January 2014, 06:33
  • horrible ,Horrible, Horrible ,Horrible, Service. Extremely rude people. Not helpful at all. Terrible costumer service all around , They constantly yell, called them to give them my insurance info ,the lady was cursing someone else and then she started yelling at me cuz she couldnt hear me. I'd rather drive 50 miles now than to use these morons. All my neighbors kept telling me .didnt want to believe until I experienced the disgusting attitude myself....
    10 February 2013, 09:56
  • Always there for you, very caring and affectionate, great advice
    03 February 2013, 03:26
  • The best pharmacist, always helpful and pleasant. Highly recommended to anyone
    03 February 2013, 03:23
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