Renee A Fischer, PT
Renee A Fischer, PT

Specializes in Physical Therapy, Female

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Physical Therapy
State License: New Jersey
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413 King George Road, New Jersey, NJ Basking Ridge, 7920

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  • Felt he was extra knowledgeable and concerned about the outcome of therapy.
    15 March 2015, 07:42
  • She is a wizard. Highly recommended for PT and work with inflammation, swelling.
    31 December 2014, 12:00
  • Kevin does manual manipulation and has you work with his massage therapist. He has helped me tremendously.
    03 December 2014, 09:46
  • Mr. Lovell was suggested to me by a friend. I am thrilled that I went to him. His evaluation of my situation (rotator cuff injury) was thorough and professional. I walked away with a baseline print out of my situation. After evaluating my shoulder, he gave me exercises I could do between the day I came and when I had surgery. He went through all the exercises and then sent me home with printouts of the exercises. These printouts proved to be very helpful as I was unable to remember all the...
    21 August 2014, 09:10
  • Excellent, best PT I have ever met and amazing person: Caring, giving, friendly, knowledgable...the best!
    20 August 2014, 01:23
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