Randall E Weeks, PHD
Randall E Weeks, PHD

Specializes in Clinical Psychology, Male

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Clinical Psychology
State License: Connecticut
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30 Buxton Farm Road Suite 230, Connecticut, CT Stamford, 6905

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  • During marriage counselling, Dr. Leighton will spend entire sessions talking about current events and politics. After several months she does not revisit problem issues and never resolves them. She doesn't give couples "homework" as many other marriage therapists do. She is not effective in her type of therapy and offers her personal feelings in lieu of professional guidance.She is forgetful and doesn't remember issues relevant to the relationship. She is in her 80's and well overdue t...
    18 March 2015, 03:48
  • This man is very scary. Be very afraid if he becomes involved in your case. If you want to know the truth, check out his involvement in the "treatment" of Eric Harris, one of the gunmen who murdered 13 people at Columbine High School. Run, run, run from this man who will say anything and everything he's paid to say by the highest bidder in court. I don't know how he sleeps at night....
    24 December 2014, 06:30
  • Dr. Wallin was unethical and unprofessional. My treatment with her was very basic. I was showing some improvement but I do not believe that was due to her expertise but rather because I was commited to my therapy. She was consistently late and unprofessional on the phone. She made scheduling mistakes causing me to show up to her locked office. She disagreed with me on a political matter (a topic of discussion in session because a personal situation had been causing me distress). She g...
    22 December 2014, 05:52
  • Dr. Malovich is dishonest, and very manipulative. She makes up her mind befor eyou even meet her. She will stop writing her notes mid sentence if she recognises that the information you are going to provide to her is contrary to the outcome she has decided she is going to make. She will not meet with professionals unless they will have the same decision as her. She is willing to over turn a psychosexual evaluation in order to give custody to a man with clear sexual deviancies. She praises t...
    20 November 2014, 07:12
  • Dr. Smith's 604b evals are bought and sold; it's not at all about children and what's best. I have seen this across reviews, so I know I'm not the only one. She gives a bias recommendation based on who is paying her. She has no qualms lying in trial and in her reports. Crooked.
    07 November 2014, 09:59
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