Ramzi Hutchison, PT
Ramzi Hutchison, PT

Ramzi Hutchison, PT

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Physical Therapy    in  Virginia ,  Falls Church
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  • Never bothered to care or learn about my disorder. A lot of my time and money wasted.
  • So far this provider has given me no information as to make any intelligent decision. In fact he diagnosed mild BPH and I am totally incontinent! We'll see if this changes to be fair. But going from a very good quality of life to total incontinence and UTIs is not my idea of treatment.
  • It's like she's seeing you for the 1st time at every visit, even after 2 yrs. If you like feeling like you're at a drive thru. You wait 30-45 min to get back, another 30+ min for her to get to you, then she spends maybe 2,3 min tops examining you, without ever touching you. If you want time, go elsewhere. If you want to be a part of the plan of care, go elsewhere, b/c listening to you will waste her time. It makes a person wonder if they're getting pd incentive bonuses for meeting & exceedin...
  • I arrived fifteen minutes early for my first appointment, was stuck waiting for over an hour until she finally called for me. I checked in at the front desk and checked in with them every ten minutes, until the sixth time I checked in with them, they got annoyed with me and said that she does that to everyone and only sees patients when she feels like it. The receptionist seemed to genuinely dislike the psychiatrist and made that dislike known to me. When she did finally come out to get me, ...
  • My experience w/Paul Brasler was excellent. Professional. Well thought out. Articulate. Kim Owen
  • I don't recommend this practice at all! Each time I've went my wait was over an hour in the lobby, the staff looks at you like your a drug addict and they are beyond rude. Once you get called back the NP comes in talks to you then gets the DR who you see for all of 30 seconds. Save yourself the time, embarrassment and copay and look elsewhere!...
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