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Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation     -  New Jersey,  Oakhurst
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  • Dr. A, Gordon is a very wonderful doctor, he takes the time with his clients, and gives them the utmost respect.
    15 December 2014, 01:16
  • I absolutely loved Dr. Gordon! He was very kind & reassuring. I was pretty nervous about the procedure but he took all the time in the world to explain it to me & made sure any questions or concerns I had were addressed.
    02 December 2014, 02:33
  • Dr. Whittenberg is excellent - she communicates clearly in plain English, and lays out the various treatment options. She also very personable and able to put patients at ease. The procedures have been a big help for my back pain. I've recommended her to friends with back problems.
    20 November 2014, 06:35