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Dr. Patrick Clapper, MD

Psychiatry   -  Texas,  Austin
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  • To free to place you on Meds. Unprofessional and cold
    31 July 2015, 06:29
  • This doctor is very , very unprofessional .... I went to her to get clearance for work and i told her I had a certain amount of time to do it... She was lying to me and trying to con me to tell me I need to see her a several times before I can get clearance .... When I told her I did not have that amount of time and she said she could fit me in between appointments , but would Have to CHARGE me double the money .... She also maded it clear at first it was not a money issue because I was paying i...
    01 July 2015, 06:06
  • Dr. Jackson is an amazing man and doctor and a member of MENSA. He has a sweet and understanding temperament. Great person to deal with.
    20 May 2015, 10:10