Dr. Marina V Kulick, MD
Dr. Marina V Kulick, MD

Specializes in Family Practice, Female

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Family Practice
Secondary specialty Surgery - Other
State License: Florida
Years Since Graduation: 24
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703 South Pinellas Avenue , Florida, FL Tarpon Springs, 34689

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1. Accept most major insurance plans. Please contact the office for more information.
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  • Caring, educated and very interested in providing personalized, custom care.
    11 February 2015, 05:05
  • Excellent diagnostician! He is one of the few doctors who is willing to spend all the time necessary to discuss your illness, how to deal with it, and how to not have it happen again (as appropriate). He is friendly and kind. He always returns call, even if it is late in the evening.
    19 January 2015, 02:21
  • Dr. Kelleher is the perfect doctor. He shows compassion, and has an outstanding bedside manner. He has exceptional knowledge and skill and is determined to get to the bottom of any problem and properly treat his patients. My husband and I both see Dr. Kelleher and have the utmost trust in him and our care....
    09 January 2015, 02:38
  • Dr. Duguid is very caring. She asked my daughters questions even their mother doesn't ask. I feel they are very well cared for with this doctor.
    21 December 2014, 03:58
  • Ive been seeing Dr Dennis Mann for 5yrs or so. I have a multitude of complex issues and he addresses each of them. He always listens to me and empathizes with me, giving me advice I trust and the ability to make informed decisions. He is incredibly gifted at what he does and doesnt hesitate to give me a referral if he and I agree it would be beneficial but he knows so much on a broad health of health issues, rarely find myself in need of a specialist I GIVE HIM OUT OF 5 OVERALL STARS. My only ...
    08 December 2014, 10:27
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