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Gastroenterology     -  Kentucky,  Louisville
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  • Just as everyone says, an excellent experience. No computer in the room and his attention was totally on me. Great guy and one of the only happy doctors left that I have met in practice. No big organization looking over his shoulder so he could practice medicine like the old days. Excellent fund of knowledge and genuinely cares about doing a good job. Nice atmosphere and unrushed. Strongly recommend this doctor and staff. This was a pleasant experience visiting a physician just like all t...
    09 June 2015, 07:17
  • Dr, Noel Martns is a very kind, quiet and compassionate doctor. He did the best he could for my husband. I would recommend Dr. Martins to everyone.
    09 March 2015, 03:25
  • I was dissappointed in the rude manner and lack of empathy my relative and I received. He was not prepared for the appointment and did not have the available records.
    05 December 2014, 12:11