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Psychiatry     -  Tennessee,  Nashville
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  • Wonderful Dr. Saved my life. Always available, cares for his patients and is always professional. Take time to explain in terms I can understand. Would refer family and friends.
    14 January 2016, 05:34
  • I highly recommend Dr.Howell. I've been seeing him for a few years now. I've had to try different medications for my anxiety and he has always given me excellent care. He's educated me about the medication I am taking. I'm in the middle of switching medical insurances now but, I'll only get a plan he is a part of. He's a great doctor....
    03 November 2015, 02:19
  • I am so thankful to have found Dr. Johnson. After years of seeing other doctors who just threw medications at my problem, attempting to mask the symptoms, it was pleasantly surprising to find someone who actually cares enough to figure out the cause of the problem and work to find a solution. I feel better now than I have in years - mentally and physically....
    22 September 2015, 09:53