Lori C Roehl, ARNP
Lori C Roehl, ARNP

Lori C Roehl, ARNP

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Nursing (RN)    in  Washington ,  Yakima
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Primary specialty Nursing (RN)
State License: Washington

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3907 Summitview Avenue
Washington (WA),

(509) 469-1903


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3   Cigna - Open Access
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  • This guy did a IME evaluation of me, I got a copy of what he wrote. The entire report is so full of errors it's a joke. He left out medical facts that stated how bad my condition is. He should be investigated for ethics. His online picture is from around 1970. Hippocratic oath I doubt he has ever read it's description. Avoid him like H1N1, he puts the swine in swine flu. This statement is not meant to treat or evaluate a medical condition. It is only my opinion...
  • I saw this guy as a follow-up for a heart attack. I had time to read up on treatments and medications prior to seeing him. I asked questions and his stock answer for each one was a variation on "I am a doctor so I am right." No questions actually answered and I am still leery of what he said. I stated I know I will have troubles remembering to take a reoccurring prescription. Instead of offering tips he implied I am stupid. He prescribed a medication with no other reason than &qu...
  • Dr. Bishop messed up my shoulder surgery in a big way! Highly recommend going to a different surgeon!!!
  • Beware, This "nutritionist" believes it is not a person's right to know whether the food the eat is genetically modified or not. I smell a Monsanto check in her bank account.
  • This review survey is a joke! It will not allow you to rate everything... only the bottom portion. I only waited 10 minutes to be called into the exam room. The service was great, clean, friendly, I would recommend him to anyone!!
  • I didn't want to pull my child out of school to go to the doctors so I asked if the following Friday ( no school) would be alright. They told me he usually has other things that need to be taken care of as a physician on Fridays but that they would pass the question onto him. A few hours later, I got a call saying he would most certainly she my child that next Friday. And the visit was very informative. Finally, a doctor who took the time to listen and check my child out....
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