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Linda Sloyer

Nursing (NP)   -  New York,  Rochester
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  • Nursing (NP)

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  • Kathy Okamatsu is the best NP you could ever find and has been our family's favorite family doctor for years and years. No one is wiser, or cares more, in our opinion. Thanks Kathy for all you ever did to help all of us! Marguerite, James, Johnny Herb.
    17 August 2015, 09:52
  • Bad experience, dr has no regard for patient health issues.
    07 August 2015, 04:50
  • Absolutely horrible "Dr." NP is not a Doctor. Rude and totally unprofessional. Sounded like half the time she was talking in an accent. Incredibly condescending and totally unempthatetic. She is in the wrong industry and I pity anyone that encounters her.
    06 July 2015, 04:30